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Financial Questions


When I first started my own business, I found that I struggled with a particular question and just needed someone to help me with the one problem. I wasn't ready for a full coaching program with ongoing support and I wished I could buy one or two sessions of laser coaching when I needed a little extra help.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a woman named Angela who had a question about how to pull all the technology pieces together for her store. The main question she had was how can she track her inventory and purchases and have all that information sync up with Xero Accounting and her online web store. In one session we were able to go over her entire work flow and I had the absolute fun of nerding out with her about inventory tracking and how it relates to the financial transactions of purchasing and selling the products. After our session, she paid me the highest compliment I have received to date. Angela said to me that she "learned more from me in our time together than I have from any other accountant I have worked with." This was just music to my ears and she is the inspiration for this program.

I believe what Angela picked up on with me over other accountants she may have talked to is that I am a systems woman and a technology nerd. I love using technology to do the heavy lifting. I also really enjoy sharing information and helping people connect the dots that make their lives easier. Many accountants, not all of course, but the stereotypical accountant loves the technical part of accounting and not the people part so much. I love the people part.

I truly enjoy helping people solve problems and hearing that sigh of relief from an entrepreneur that's been struggling with an issue or an idea they have been trying to figure out. My background as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and an Operations person has helped me understand how profitability and people work hand in hand. Sometimes the answer isn't on the income statement but in the employee morale, sometimes it's that the business has outgrown it's processes.

My question to you is this:

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  • One 60 minute one on one session with me to work on your issue
  • A recording of our call so that you listen to it again
  • An action sheet with recommendations from me on your next steps

One hour session is $495